We were able to check everything out earlier in the week and it’s been difficult not sharing this sooner! While you listen, go ahead and open up MotoringFile to view the pictures and see what we are talking about. It’s very cool!

We teased this during Black Roof. Remember, this is always a free download. While you are there, if you want to help keep WRR listener supported, you can do that too! Thank you for your support!

Don’t forget to get your favorite graphics and badges over at MotoringStripes.com, including the Pride Badge!

For those of you playing the home game, there are a few updates under the White Roof! First, The Hollywood Car Show is back, baby! Fireball Tim and I talking about movie cars, diecast, movies and TV. It’s so fun and we hope you’ll give us a listen! Also, Ride Bikes Radio is making it’s triumphant return with updates from our boy Brian, and myself, talking about riding bikes, like we like to do.