Woofcast #70

The big seven-oh! That’s 490 in dog years! Bonus is we do go long, getting caught up.

Everyone back where they belong and recounting the weeks activities. db complains about mid-west weather and troubles at the airport while Gabe can’t believe the number of car washes in SoCal. Oh yea, the cool thing about United Airlines? Listen in on channel 9. Well, we do, but we’re geeks like that.

Besides Gabe’s first trip to LA, we count last weekend at St. Louis for the Phil Wicks Driving Academy/North American MINI Cooper Challenge. Oh yea, we also cover news of the week and this video that Gabe and Todd couldn’t stop watching.

Todd did the hard part

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22 replies on “Woofcast #70”

  1. on another note – thanks for the shoutout about comment #40,000.

    i’ll still unleash on you guys about the mcsa though…anytime 🙂

  2. Hey, Gabe – ya fly out to SoCal, and no heads-up? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?-over. 🙁
    Hmmm. I’d’ve sprung for dinner, or at least a beer, but no, I don’t wash cars. 😉 Lemme know next time.

  3. Seriously it’s all in fun. All the comments about automatics etc. – we just like to spice things up and cause a little controversy once in awhile.

    I’ve never driven the MCSa more than through a parking lot so I don’t have anything legit to say one way or the other.

    We just know it’s a hot point. : )

  4. todd: in the great words of ron burgundy in anchorman, “i don’t beleive you.”

    no worries dude – i just figured it was time for someone to step up – i can’t resist a challenge!

    ; )

  5. ok, you asked for it….consider the automatic gauntlet thrown down gentlemen.

    Okay, I really don’t hate autos. I’ve put some serious time behind the wheel of both the MCa and the MCSa and (after getting acclimated a bit) really had fun with both. But damn if we don’t just get a role with it…

    You’re welcome to check out both my normal MF review and my MF audio review on the MCSa if you want to hear more.

    Hey, Gabe – ya fly out to SoCal, and no heads-up?

    Sorry about that. I was in town for a wedding and despite four days in the area only had a few hours to spare. Next time I’ll make some time 🙂

  6. Am I the only owner of a MCSa that thinks the tranny shifts are hard and horrible?! I’ve driven toyotas with a ton of miles with better shifts then my 15k mile MCSa.

  7. wow it’s a full on mcsa hodown!

    honestly guys, i was just trying to be a little playful here…had no idea it would turn into this!

    to each his own – cheers – drew

    (mds: in response to your comment, i only drive the car with the paddles but the shifts are always clunky for the first five minutes after startup, but then they are butter smooth – at least on my car. i’ve also noticed that the tranny performs much better under load and i think the 15% pulley has helped this a great deal…so not sure what you mean when you say the tranny is hard and horrible. in fact eric at helix commented to me that he thought the tranny rivaled a porsche tiptonic after driving my car. maybe i just got “one of the good ones” and got lucky???)

  8. Regarding Gabe being able to out-run automatic drivers: yes, he might be able to get them off the line, but the stronger left leg would be likely to cause him to run in circles. Kind of a reverse-NASCAR thing; he can only turn right. 😉

  9. drew the car’s tranny kicks butt as long as you drive it hard. But when just riding around town it shifts up and down hard. Also my car has a odd vibration in reverse.

  10. no offense mds – but your car has bee to hell and back! with all of the problems you’ve had i’m not surprised to hear of your tranny quirks… i’ve experienced none of your problems – especially the vibration in reverse. that’s a new one for me!

    sorry you still have problems with your ride…

  11. drew the car’s tranny kicks butt as long as you drive it hard. But when just riding around town it shifts up and down hard. Also my car has a odd vibration in reverse.

    Yeah that’s a new one for me as well. All the MCSa’s I’ve driven have at the very least been smooth to change gears. The problem I’ve found is that they just don’t change consistantly when called upon in the heat of the moment.

  12. Hey, I sent multiple WRR pics. Let me know when I can call and update ya’ll.

    BTW, it’s an F-16, not F-14. The F-14 is Navy (and retired). It handles much better.

  13. enough mcsa – let’s talk f-16s nozz!

    not that it even remotely compares, but i’ve flown 18 “missions” at air combat in fullerton, california with retired top gun pilots in sf-260 marchettis. you want a rush? now THAT’s a rush!

    can’t wait to see a wrr badged f-16…bring it on!

  14. Yes drew lets talk Fighter aircraft. Because we know Gabe can talk about the slushbox all day and Todd about his sweet new GP on the way.

    Hmm…db needs something to mention on everyshow.

    How many miles you up to?

  15. i wasn’t saying that to go off topic – i was saying that because i respect the hell out of fighter pilots!

    as for miles, just over 12k

  16. >Hmm…db needs something to mention on everyshow.

    How many miles you up to?

    That would get pretty boring, just saying my mileage is about 500 more than the previous show.

    But, since you asked, I am at 123K miles

  17. I could talk about jets all day long, just ask my wife (as she rolls her eyes). She’s F-16 knowledgeable via osmosis.

    Show topic suggestion: how our wives or significant others react to us geeking out over our MINI’s. Heck, my beautiful wife let me check any option I wanted to on my order, hence why I have a 2005 CR/W MCS JCW. *sniff, sniff* I love her soooo much. She’s a keeper.

    P.S. Drew, I appreciate your kind words. Thanks!

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