Woofcast #71

Another racing show? C’mon now gang, you know how we get. If we do 1, we are going to do 2.

Todd’s brings a bit more info about the GP. We review the class specifics for the North American MINI Cooper Challenge again. Plus, Gabe and Todd can’t stop watching that VW Micro Bus getting airborne then splashing through a puddle.

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Todd did the hard part
Not sure if he hit the Nano button or not

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8 replies on “Woofcast #71”

  1. I saw the GP catalog. It had some really really wrong information in it. Like the GP getting 39MPG on the highway. I have no idea where they got that one.

  2. I too was horrified my first session out at a Phil Wicks event without an instructor. Good thing I didn’t have the video camera running as it would have caught a lot of not so nice words. After the second session with an instructor. I was hooked.

    The C pillar in the MINI has the seatbelt coming out of the plastic where the GP has a cover. Could this not be a speaker? It would be odd to have such a large round cover for a small opening. The picture is from Gabes site. Click for picture

  3. What is the game of chance Gabe keeps mentioning? I would like to here about what he has LOST!!!

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