Woofcast #73

You know we made you wait through all the server issues, so at least we made it a long one.

Update to the server issues. They should all be resolved. There was a final DNS hiccup that was causing many of you grief pretty much all day Monday, especially those of you west of California or Canada. I am happy to report that according to support, everything should be good to go.

Images and gallery rebuild should be completed by the end of the week.
Todd should have the remaining missing episodes uploaded by the end of the week as well.
If anything else comes missing, please let us know!

Todd did the hard part
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10 replies on “Woofcast #73”

  1. So db when are you letting the cat out of the bag that you’re getting a GP? *big cheesy grin* I don’t want to start a rumor.

    I mean Gabe and Todd have both gotten new cars. When is db planning for a new MINI?

  2. My stock runflats got about 25,000 miles. I had a driving school on them along with some spiritted driving. I was wearing down the wear bars themselves. I was probably pretty close to having metal poking through.

  3. >So db when are you letting the cat out of the bag that you’re getting a GP? big cheesy grin I don’t want to start a rumor.

    Me? A GP? Naw. I thought about it, but couldn’t do the money stuff in time.

    db is actually trying to plan for a new MINI before the ’07’s come out, especially now since the Nightfire Red won’t be available on the MCS.

  4. Rock chips! When i bought my MINI S from OR. For the drive home I used good o’ Green/Blue Tape.



    Dont luagh, it saved my car on those long drives. I also Drive the 15 Freeway every day with all the trucks and rocks on that freeway, it really suxs, So i still use the blue tape daily. My poor VW had to have its front bumper repainted 3 times in one year. I dont want to have to deal with that again.

    I have ordered the leather bra, but it was on back order. Untill i get it, i will spot my blue tape look for protection.

  5. Just a quick comment on your MINI being classified as a BMW. One of the first things my mechanic noticed when I first brought my car in to show him (back in June, 02), was that the VIN started with the letter W. He said that was BMW’s code, and he was surprised that they were able to use it given the fact that the car was produced in England. I’m assuming they still start with a W…

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