Woofcast #78

wayback.jpgJust because we are on break doesn’t mean you don’t get a woofcast!

db fires up the way back machine to bring you some nuggets from Woofcast #1 (why it’s called a woofcast), Woofcast #21 (the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald…good times), Woofcast #2 (service and automatic bashing, kinda) and Woofcast #19 (listener emails).

Check back tomorrow for more wayback machine goodness! And yes, we will all be back for #80.

db did everything

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3 replies on “Woofcast #78”

  1. Nice li’l trip down memory lane, boys! It was a nice visit to simpler times, and you guys have done well to keep to that personal touch, yet stll have become much more sophisticated, at least as I hear ’em. Keep up the great work! And now, in keeping with the Sherman & Mr. Peabody cartoon time-travel theme, another toon’s plaintive cry for help: “Help me, Mr. Wizard!” – and my Tooter Turtle’s ass is saved again: (with a German accent, of course!) “Drizzle, Drazzle, Drozzle, Drome, Time for this one to come home”. 😉

  2. This is good for me – I get to hear the highlights of loads of shows all at once 🙂

    And yes, MINI of Peabody is a TOTALLY standalone dealership, a couple miles away from the BMW dealership with all their own sales, service, finance, etc. A number of the sales & service folks have been there since MoP opened in 2003!

    But, when necessary (like for last years Care For Keith event), they can call on the space and support of the BMW and LandRover “sister” dealerships.

    I’m certain it’s a BIG reason why MoP is so highly regarded.

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