Woofcast #81

Wow! A whole lotta show for all y’all tonight!

You have to excuse the late hour. Both Todd and I were plagued with technical issues for most of the day.

But I do have pictures from WRR listener Nozz. Check these out while you download:

Don’t forget about the MPG contest that started yesterday.

Todd really did the hard part this week

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16 replies on “Woofcast #81”

  1. I don’t suppose there is a category in the gas mileage contest for jets is there? What is the fuel economy per gallon for an F-16?

  2. Actually, what I think is awesome is hearing how much a guy who drives an F-16 everyday misses his MINI. That’s awesome!

  3. Nathaniel,

    That’s a good question. In our normal configuration, the jet goes through approx. 9000lbs of gas (aviation fuel called JP8) in about 1-1.5 hours (it also depends on how much afterburner we use as well). At 6.8lbs per gallon, that comes to 1324 gallons a sortie. In other words, in afterburner we burn approx. 28 gallons per minute. But the military buys their fuel in bulk, so I don’t know the mpg. We’re not built for efficiency, we’re built for speed and lethality.

    Yes *sniff, sniff* I do miss my MCS JCW. I promised myself I woudln’t cry…


  4. Nice little interlude with Nozz, the Electric Jet Jockey – He flys by wire and drives by wire, how cool izzat? I heard they got beer cans on both, too. 😉 The Viper’s the ultimate fun jet, what I hear, so it’s nice to see your not in a Station Wagon, altho you might get a MINI version when ya get Stateside. Don’t be a Lawn Dart – we need all the MINI motorers we can get! Fly safe around the campus, now.


  5. Rob,

    Thanks! Besides the MCS JCW, I do have a MiniVan to haul my future MINI drivers and my beautiful bride. But it’s full up: GPS, DVD, Bluetooth, and all the Pixar movies you can watch. One day, I’m going to let the kids drive and just sit in the back and watch movies.

  6. Hey Nozz:

    You might have heard my in-MINI experience rides with MINI newbies. How ’bout wiring up a passenger and taking him/her out for a spin? We’d love to hear it on WRR!


  7. db, you know we love you, and it is our duty to set you right in the most loving way possible…

    every time you mention MTTS i cringe. by the end of woof 81 i was shouting at my ipod in the traffic. people looked at me funny.

    what’s the plural of Mini? Minis.

    what’s the plural of MINI. MINI!

    please, dude. it’s MINI takes the States. there is no S. just MINI.

    ok? enough of that. BrandWolf (TM) signing out.


  8. In defense of db, and by extension MINI themselves, if there was no ‘S’ in MINI as a plural, it would be “MINI take the States” not “MINI takes the States”, which is grammatically singular. The Marque (singular) is taking the States. You could try transposing the word “Sheep” for “MINI” in the sentences for syntax clarification. (But then we’d be talkin’ ’bout Scions and such!) Aye, we’ve warred against the English King; methinks you’re warring against the King’s English, Timmee.


  9. Nozz, I go to a couple of NASCAR races each year (usually Bristol and Martinsville). I’m always amazed (as a Canuck) at the military jets flying over during the national anthem. It’s pretty damn exciting, and the NASCAR crowds go crazy.

    Have you ever done the crowd-pleasing fly-overs during big events? If so, how far do you fly in from, and what does NASCAR pay for something like that?

    Any scoop would be appreciated. Nothing classified, though. I want to live to drive another day!


  10. Robert,

    Actually, we do it as a service to the American public. And yes, I’ve done fly-bys for funerals as well as events. We tie the flight usually with a mission to maximize training and dollars. Sometimes we fly in from about an hour away. Then we’ll hold for timing (usually the national anthem) and then zoom over, and we’re off to return home.

    Veteran’s Day is huge, as well as July 4th, and many more national holidays and sporting events. There are a lot of Air Force, Navy, and USMC bases close, so it could be any service. I’m glad you like it.


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