Woofcast #82

News of the week plus we take about refridgerators and televisions? Oh yea, and Todd. Is. Now. Speaking. Like. This.

Don’t forget WRR and Motoringfile for your MTTS coverage. If you are participating in the MTTS event, you should play along with the MPG contest too. Hey, even db is going to play around a bit, and called into the voicemail line with a bit of trash talk! that’s 206-33-WHITE.

Oh yea, there is a new place for you to go and get your Motoringfile Grille Badges. You can check ’em out over at motoringbadges.com. Go ahead, check it out!

Todd did the hard part

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6 replies on “Woofcast #82”

  1. Awesome show as always guys. One question for Todd – will you please please please make a decal for those of us who drive on the left…. I really really want a right hand drive version of “Slow Cars Move Right”… I already have 4 badges that my wife and I swap out – her Chilli Red MC with black and white chequered roof and white bonnet Stripes, and my Hyper Blue MCS with chequered roof and white bonnet stripes (both 2006)…. Here in South Africa a “Slow Cars Move Left” would really rock.

  2. Good show and great news updates. The trash talking is quite weak I might add. Do we need a quick lesson on the next WRR on how trash talking should work? An audio file from the floor of an NBA game maybe? I’m going for the opposite in the MPG contest (bizarro world here). So far, I’m 13.6 mpg. Oh yeah.

  3. |DB – you were very quiet (volume not content 😉 ) wise on this podcast. I own a 60gb colour photo i-pod (so not a nanno or anything like that) Please can you turn your volume up.

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