Woofcast #83

Coffee gets us started and somehow we end up talking about Monkeys. Especially the drunk ones.

It’s Todd’s GP update (his boat isn’t the one that sunk) and more ’07 discussion, including talk about the questionable weight difference of the ’07MCS.

Don’t forget the MPG contest.
Motoringbadges.com is now open for business. I hear that there are going to be some new designs coming soon (shhhhh).

Need Zymol? Detailing Concepts can hook you up there.

Parts and accessories, including the DIY Hayes manuals? MINI Car Parts has you covered!

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Todd did the hard part

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  1. There is a misunderstanding about the quality of sound for aux input vs. iPod adapter. The sound quality is degraded if you connect the aux input to the iPod’s headphone jack. However, if you connect the aux input to the dock connector (not the headphone jack) you get exactly the same audio signal used by the iPod adapters (Dension, OEM, etc), and the same quality sound. You need to use a special cable such as this: http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail~dpno~7010156.asp

  2. The Classic Mini had opening rear windows on various specs thoughout the years – including my 2000 Cooper Sport. It would be good to have them back to aid in car cooling with out the need to run the aircon or open the drivers window

  3. Richard, thanks for that link. I never knew abou tthe sound quality issue and I ordered one thanks to you.

  4. iPod adaptor vs. AUX input:
    I’ve had both and, depending on your set up, there is more interference with the AUX input. The iPod adaptor eliminates almost all of it.

    02-04 Brake Light Mod on the 05-06:
    You can still do this. You can put a diode (one direction) based jumper between your right brake light wire and your rear (center bumper) fog light wire to activate it when braking.
    The reason I know this is because my MINI didn’t come with the rear fog light, so I upgraded to the ‘MyMini Brake Light Kit’ from myminiparts.com. The kit is essentially an OEM rear fog light (05-06) and a jumper kit that supposedly works on cars with active rear fog lights. The diode jumper keeps you from shorting out your rear fog light wiring. Here is a pic of the jumper.

    This mod is essentially the same idea as what we’ve done with our 02-04 fog lights, just in a different location.

  5. I have rediculously large hands. I have trouble finding oven mitts that I can get my hands into. I had no trouble installing my AUX connection. Took about 30 mins all up, and most of that was finding a drill bit big enough to make the mounting hole for the other end.

  6. The conversation about two camps of MINI owners developing really bothered me. As I’ve read the various threads on MotoringFile and North American Motoring, I worry that I may not be accepted among the established community in ’08 when I finally get a MINI.

    I don’t want to be shunned because of visual design differences between the two generations of MINI when I tame the dragon with the other MOTD drivers. I hope to be welcomed to the family as a younger brother, but equal, or can I expect torches and pitchforks in two years? 😉

  7. Wow, what a great couple of shows guys. Lot’s juicy stuff to mull over.

    I have to agree with db’s disappointment about the lack of rear opening windows on the R50/R53 and the R56. It’s a feature that is on just about every less expensive 2-door hatch back in the history of hatchbacks, and I think it’s pretty weak cost cutting idea for a premium vehicle like the MINI.

    Dropping the R56 weight by almost 200 lbs. over the R50/R53 seems like a bit of a stretch, but I truly believe the R56 will be lighter than the R53 JCW GP. The new suspension and new engine already make up a good chunk of weight savings. Plus, think of who did the early development of the R50/R53. It was Rover…a company that specializes in big, tank-like vehicles. Now you have BMW doing the development of the R56…a company that specializes (or at least used to specialize) in light, agile vehicles. It all seems to be adding up.

  8. db…..I am still having problems with the low sound level on the casts from iTunes.

    Could this be something on my end? I have all of my “advanced” play levels at the same high level (XP sound properties)

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