Woofcast #85

For those of you that tried downloading earlier, this version is the complete interview. Sorry for the trouble earlier.

We spend some time interviewing Peter Horvath of M7 Tuning. He tells us about up coming projects and how he got started working on MINI’s. It’s a great interview!

Thanks again Peter for taking time out. Don’t forget you can check out all the new products coming over at the M7 website:


And Todd did sneak a bit of GP update in there too.

db did the hard part

Woofcast #85:
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5 replies on “Woofcast #85”

  1. Just an FYI – the link for M7 points to M7.com, not M7tuning.com.
    Thanks for the great podcast.

  2. Great interview! Peter is certainly enthusiastic about what he is doing and is coming up with some great products. So far I’ve added their sport springs and SRP and really like them. But I can already feel the DFIC, the USS and possibly the M62 tugging at my wallet.

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