woofcast #86

GN Happy Birthday Cupcake L.jpgWe forgot to mention that we hit our 1 year anniversary last week. Don’t worry, we aren’t planning on stopping any time soon and we do have a lot of cool stuff planned for the coming year.

We do experience some minor technical difficulty on Gabe’s end (thank you Comcast) but we still manage to cover news of the week (plus our take on it, as usual). Was there a dig on the MC in there too? hmmmm.

Don’t forget to keep checking back starting this Thursday for all of your MTTS coverage here and on Motoringfile.

Todd did the hard part

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10 replies on “woofcast #86”

  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. My hat’s off to Samer and Todd for making my MINI look super trick. Here’s a pic I took yesterday with my phone.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Woofcast!!! I think I’ve been listening since October of last year, and I’ve enjoyed every podcast. Lots of great information and laughs along the way! 🙂

  3. So I’m a new Mini Cooper owner and I’ve just started listening to your podcast. However, I was very unhappy about your subtle jabs at the Cooper in this last show. I am fully aware of the superior performance of the S, JCW, GP, ect., but not all of your listeners can afford the higher performance models so why do you have to be hatin on the Cooper? If you keep having a crappy attitude toward the Cooper, I’m not going to keep listening to your otherwise great podcast!

  4. Don’t worry DC, the MC love is still there. Being a new listener, you probably weren’t aware that I myself drive an ’03 MC (with close to 130K miles on the clock) and smack the lads around just about every other time they start in with the ‘base model’ baloney! This time was for a little bit of trash talk, so I let it slide 😉

    Oh yea, thanks for listening!

  5. Hey wait – I have nothing but love for the Cooper. I drove one for over three years. I think it’s Todd who was doing the smack talk 🙂

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