Woofcast #89

What? Was that Stracco again? Giving us a weather report?

We get the chance to speak with him during the Woofcast and the accessory development manager for MINI.

Plus, news of the week.

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db did the hard part

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3 replies on “Woofcast #89”

  1. Wingnut- Did you happen to find my **doe-in-heat** buck lure? I lost it somewhere near Watkins Glen….

  2. My family just bought two more places in Vegas giving us three condos… Gabe do I hear a Party in Vegas for AMVIV, for your first show in vegas? We go their every year. Thats three hot tubs for three large condos.
    I should start a plan!
    Thats 4 people per room X 3= 12 Crazy people…:)

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