Woofcast #95

Updates and changes. Gabe explains the changes at Motoringfile and does a mini-review of a BMW he test drove. Todd does go on and on AND on about the JCW and his GP (again), then tells me not only that I can’t handle a JCW, but then caps on the Cooper a bit (again). Let him have it gang! He was warned.

Don’t worry, MINI stuff coming next week!

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12 replies on “Woofcast #95”

  1. Y’all can put away the pitchforks then go back and listen to my gushing review of the JCW sound kit on the Cooper. Yes, it’s fun to kid but I have nothing against Coopers. My point was simply that there is a noticeable difference between the Cooper and the Cooper S and then again a noticeable difference to the JCW MCS. We’re talking about a nearly 100 HP difference in the range. All I’m saying is that’s a huge difference.

    A public apology for the “you can’t handle it” crack. That was my attempt at hyperbole.

  2. Great job on the show guys. One thing – when you were talking about the moded minis on Top Gear, the one with the most HP is 275. Someone said something about 300, but I don’t think they did that much….:)

  3. Ya, I think the hp on the most powerful one is like 283hp, but I haven’t seen that episode for a while.

    The GP spoiler- 1500 pounds (according to a MINI2 post)= $2800. Expensive hunk of cf. If you want it for a non-GP then you have to replace the glass because its incorporated into it, and the back-up light is also lowered down to where the wiper would be.

    GP envy…
    great show though.

  4. Like on Sienfeld, Gabe will also have to be locked into the executive bathroom to write for motoringfile.

  5. Off topic sort of… We have Aeron chairs at work, they are great. But we also have Freedom chairs. Which make the Aeron seem like a office depot discount office chair.

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