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We were able to get a peak at what changes are coming for the upcoming model year! Price changes and changes to the options packages. Overall we are pretty pleased with them and we think you will be too. And Todd still doesn’t understand the ninja packages on the Clubman.

Thanks to everyone for all of feedback for Woofcast 594! Shout-outs all around!

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Finally, stay tuned for Woofcast #596 if you are looking for the brake show. Apologies for the delay, but we wanted to get this information out first. Trust me, your patience will be rewarded!

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3 replies on “Woofcastf #595: Model Year 2017 Changes”

  1. Guys, in 2015 the Connected+Visual Boost (6.5″ screen) cost $500. Making the visual boost now standard I don’t feel MINI is “giving” something. I believe MINI decided to have visual boost as a standard item because for 2018 model year cars, NHTSA requires cars to have a backup camera, MINI are just setting up for requirement ahead of time. So the price increase is really only a discount on the VB but still charging the buyer for it.

    Per Gabe on his MF piece he didn’t write that the MINI Excitement Lighting can be ordered as a $250 option. Gabe wrote: “Across all models MINI has moved the “MINI Excitement Lighting” to the premium package.”

    On the Armrest (C&D) issue, other reviews have noted comfort/interference issues with it when using idrive type controller. (Starting at minute 4:29 of video to minute 4:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1f5A5hADRU)

    On driving modes, again Gabe notes in MF article that to get it, “you’ll need to opt for the Sport package in order to select Sport, Normal and Green modes” He did not state DM could be purchased a la carte for $500.

    Btw, I use Green mode quite often. I also use sport mode (less than Green but still use it).

    I feel MINI is trying to push buyers to get a Cooper S and away from the Cooper. Which is a shame. Don’t know if this action will result in US sales falling even more or not.

    Heh Todd & db, I have the Black Victory Spokes – I love them!!!! No dis’n my spokes. For me the 16″ Silver Loop Spokes are ugly.

    Btw, I agree with Alex, to me, if you don’t have a JCW, why get JCW non performance kit. It’s not a JCW.

    Top Gear MINI is a non S.

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