WRR Interview: Fireball Tim

Fireball Tim took time with us again this week to clue us in on what’s going on with Fireballed! Mainly, the upcoming season of Speed TV’s Street Tuner Challenge. It sounds like it’s going to be cool!

If you want to be a part of the build, you can sign up over at stcMINI.com. I know I will be! Gotta get a couple of Whiteroofradio decals on the car ya know?

To keep up with the build process, besure you are watching Fireball Tim’s blog where he will be posting details and photos as the build goes along. Of course, you can expect more audio from us at Whiteroofradio during the build process.

WRR Interview: Fireball Tim

Download | 19:49 | 9.1MB

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  1. Just wanted to add that I enjoy your interviews with MINI vendors and such. Fireballed Tim sounds like a great guy and he’s such a huge bonus for the community. I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be nice to listen to more interviews like this…if if they are 10 min spots or something, what’s new at M7 with Peter, or I’m sure everyone would enjoy hearing an interview with someone from Revolution Mini Works or Lucky Dog Garage about what’s new with them. How about another interview with Randy Webb? 🙂

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