WRR Live!

The show is over and it went very well. There is a very good chance we will repeat this again. Watch this space for a regular schedule.

It’s on! Check it out!

Tonight (Thursday) around 10pm EST (GMT -5) we’ll again be broadcasting the Whiteroofradio Podcast live on MotoringFile. Check MF just before 10pm EST (9pm CST/8pm MST/7pm PST/-6 GMT) for a post with our video feeds and a place to comment and ask questions during the show. That’s right, we’ll be answering your questions in the 2nd of the two podcasts this evening.

Tonight is fairly special too. August 1st marked out 2nd year doing White Roof Radio! So we will also be revisiting some of the highlights of the past year. It should be fun!

4 replies on “WRR Live!”

  1. Hi, guys!

    Please, don’t forget to mention a major MINI MEET party and blast in Connecticut, called “Summer Splash 07” . Information can be found on nemini.org, NAM and MINI2.
    Features: car show, rc car races, lawnkhana(you know, a fun obstacle course event filled with doing silly mini things), scavenger hunt, bratwurst cook, and Italian Job screenings! Lots of door prizes and give-aways. Any profits all go to charity.

  2. Kinda like watching sausage being made. Not too pretty sometimes, but the end result is great! Loved watching Todd working hard for the very last few drops of beer in his bottle. Good stuff.

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