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Event Cast: AMVIV

amviv5shirtfront.jpgOh yes, you read that correctly. It’s time for the AMVIV Event Cast. Michael and Patricia from The Mail Buoy podcast join me, yet again, for a rip roaring jaunt through the events happening at the end of the month.

Want the full low down? amviv.com events page has what you need. Still need to register? You can do that here. Update as of 03/11, there were still 18 rooms left at Palace Station on the new group rate! From the site.

>The code is PCIMVI2 and the number is 1-800-634-3101. As of 10am today (3/11), there were 18 of these rooms left.

Don’t forget, WRR will be attending AMVIV as well! Besides Michael and Patricia, we will be joined, for the first time ever, by Robert in Toronto and also, for the first time ever, we will be introducing video into our coverage. It should be a lot of fun, so don’t miss out!

Event Cast – AMVIV5:

Download | 23.1MB | 50:21 | WRR @ iTunes