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MTTS Stops, Part II

MTTS.pngSo, it begins. Ok, this is actually part II, but it makes it better to read if it’s here.

Anyone else excited? I know I am!

Michael and Patricia Babiskin from the Mail Buoy Podcast join me to go through each stop on MTTS, 1 day at a time.

I will warn you that it is long. I had originally planned to get the entire thing on 1 CD, but Michael and Patricia had so much great information and route corrections that we went much longer. So long in fact that I broke it into 2 shows so that you are still able to burn it to CD. I will be linking both shows here to make it easy to download plus posting them both so iTunes picks them up.


Clubs and People

If you did burn this to CD and are done listening to it, why not hand it off to another fellow MTTS motorer? We’d appreciate it!

And, if you haven’t already, you should go ahead and program the WRR voicemail line into your phone and provide your own coverage! The number is (206) 33-WHITE.

db did the hard part

Download || Download Day 1-10 || 34:45 || 23.8MB