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Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #20

robert1.jpgRobert just hit 40K miles and there are a few issues going on with his MINI. He was in for service and shortly after it konked out on him on the streets of Toronto! Turns out his EWS was gone. That’s the part that lets the key talk to the car.

Then, he wasn’t able to open the passenger door without clicking the key 3 times.

He is starting to have problems with his clutch as well. Sounds like the same problems Todd had with his ’03. Anyone else having these problems?

Don’t forget Robert has done a ton of these! You can find them all here. He also does another podcast that you should check out. It’s called The Mobile Movie Minute, where he goes to the movies and reviews them in his MINI! Great stuff!

Download | 3:34 | 3.3MB

1 thought on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #20

  1. What, Robert has a hood on his car? How domestic, I wonder if it’s because he’s in Canada? Is that the punishment they get for getting the heated windshield? đŸ˜›

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