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MTTS Update from the Road

Today is Thursday, August 12th. I’m in Grand Junction, Colorado and have spent the last 5 days motoring from Los Angeles to get this far and we arrive in Denver tomorrow.

So far the trip has been fantastic! From the pool party at the Valley Ho, the Ice Lounge at -5 in Las Vegas and Quincy’s in Grand Junction, it’s been non-stop awesome. Sure it’s been a ton of miles, but it’s been a ton of miles in MINIs with some of the greatest folks you’ll ever meet; the MINI Cooper Enthusiast!


The MINI I am driving is a 2010 MINI Cooper, Chili Red/Black Top and JCW Aero Kit. I must say that when I first saw this car I was scratching my head. I mean, who would think to put an aero kit on a car without the Sport Package bits, right? The more I live with it the more the look with 15″ wheels really grows on me. I’m even starting to not mind the automatic transmission, kinda.

So far this has been an epic journey through the deserts of the Western United States. Everyone coming from this end is excited about MINIs in the Mountains and MTTS. Personally, I can’t wait!

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