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Now we’re talking! – updated

Earlier this morning we were at #4.

Now we are at #3! That is much better! Thanks everyone!!!

That’s more like it! Thanks everyone for listening and subscribing! We do appreciate it.

7 thoughts on “Now we’re talking! – updated

  1. I saw a BMW with a Vod Sticker…just j/k..
    or you could get a VOB plate and black out the line in the center for “D”. I am given you a hard time. But you are getting close.

  2. I just remembered to resubscribe at home – I resubscribed at work earlier today. If everyone remembers to do that, we can get past C&D..!

  3. Hi Guys, I totally missed the MTTS Coverage because of a job change. I was in Indy and would have loved to join you all for the twisties from Cincinatti to West Virgina. But…

    I would love to get the MTTS Coverage on a DVD or CD.

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