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Rauno Aaltonen – 1967 Monte Carlo Rally

Todd recently found this short bit of audio left from last year’s MINI United.

Recorded during dinner at ’15’, it’s Rauno talking about his experience during the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, which he won, in a Mini Cooper S. If you are missed our original interview with Rauno during MINI United, you will find it here.

If you are going to be participating in MINI Takes the States, there is a chance you could ask him questions about this yourself as he will be attending the Miami and Boston Events, plus making a 5 day rally between the two events!

Keep an eye out here and at Motoringfile for more information about MTTS as it becomes available! We’ll have more information later this week.

1967 Monte Carlo Rally:

Download | 4.8MB | 10:23 | WRR @ iTunes

3 thoughts on “Rauno Aaltonen – 1967 Monte Carlo Rally

  1. This was really cool, thanks so much for posting this. When I first heard that it was leftover audio from MINI United, I rolled my eyes, but the story was so classic! You guys do an awesome job!!

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