You know what to do.

  1. Dr. Diff with his VM shorty
  2. Fontanaville – Sent in by Steve Banks
  3. The MINI song – Irieman
  4. MINI Man – by Starlord
  5. Wingnut’s Rejection – via the Voicemail line by Wingnut

So, go ahead. Vote away. Just leave a comment in the show notes and we’ll be picking a winner during episode 68!

Thanks again to Outmotoring for kicking down some top notch prizes for the contest!
1st place – Outmotoring Armrest
2nd place – $50.00 Outmotoring Gift Certificate
3rd place – Valve Stem caps and a hat

Good luck everyone!

db did the hard part

Download || Get the Zip || 13:20 || 12.2MB