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Woofcast #220

STC CARA bit of tech talk before going into our thoughts about the outcome of Street Tuner Challenge. That brings us to a question; Is it possible to tune an R56 to the same levels that you can an R53? Quite a bit of discussion ensues and we do go a bit long.

Then a reminder about Gabe going on the BMW Press Junket. Click here to leave a question for Gabe to think about as he drives the Clubman and 1 Series. Don’t bother with the questions about the Rolls Royce since he probably won’t get to drive one.

Watch for interviews coming up before AMVIV. I’m asking everyone now and hopefully we can get them in the show soon.

Woofcast 209:

Download | 18.6MB | 40:30 | WRR @ iTunes

4 thoughts on “Woofcast #220

  1. I haven’t on the Mac since it’s not native. There is one that is for the Mac, but it also not native and runs super slow.

    I’m using Acorn for now, but there are some pShop features and formats I could use.

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