White Roof Radio – The MINI Cooper Podcast

MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #39

Sorry for the delay gang. Todd had tickets to a game that he just couldn’t pass up.

The don’t be stupid show…

  • Gabe is recovering from his 30th birthday celebration
  • db schools gabe on getting old
  • -Hey fellas…make sure you’re seeing the doc at 35. Don’t go ’cause you are sick, go because you should.
  • Warranty issues because of mods you have done to your MINI
  • Be nice to your dealer, particularly your Service Advisor
  • Keep in mind, mods or track time can void your warranty. Your dealer may do what they can, but if they get MINI envolved, there might be problems
  • Lawyers make matters worse. No offense to the lawyers.
  • Don’t be paranoid. It is OK to mod your MINI. Just some things to keep in mind
  • Mods won’t void your warranty 100%.
  • Ask your dealer if they will install your mods.
  • Be nice!!!!!
  • New sponsor

Coming soon will be the club event spotlight for March and db has recruited Robert in Canada to be an official correspondant for WhiteRoofRadio. Watch for his stuff to start showing up soon.

Todd did the hard part

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