Woofcast #511


Starting off with some classic comedy talk, Foster Brooks and George Carlin’s Class Clown. Very not safe for work, very very funny stuff. Once we get passed that, it’s Todd, Chad, Nathaniel and I talking about MINI Coopers, like we like to do. Including the Playboy MINI. And this Scion IQ with a crazy body kit. Join us next week to talk about the new SuperLeggera Concept.

For you playing the home game, #mtts2014 starts off following a route the Top Gear boys did. You can check that out in season 12, episode 2, available at places you will have to search for. Oh, and White Roof Radio will be going all the way! It’s officially official and we will be providing more details about that in the very near future.

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  1. Charlie Victor says:

    Awesome intro!

  2. Brian says:

    Going all the way with MTTS and WhiteRoofRadio this year! Can’t wait for all the festivities and motoring in my new F56.

  3. Would the coupe version of the SuperLeggera Concept look like this?

    This is also a British / Italian concept car from 1963 by MG and Jacques Coune. The MGB Berlinette – a hand made concept in a very similar form and colour to todays car.

    More photos and short history here: http://www.coachbuild.com/index.php?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=50&g2_itemId=25285

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