Dear White Roof Radio Army,

We are all pretty sure that you are planning your epic video/photo shoot for your entry into the Final Test, Test Drives contest, right? Here under the White Roof, we are pretty excited and should have our entry posted soon. They said we could play, and, let’s be honest, how cool would it be if there was a White Roof Radio special edition MINI?

Anyway, the contest. We think it would be cool to hold our own contest at the same time! We are hoping that you share your submission, either photo or video, on Facebook at tag it #testtest. Then, we are going to creep on that tag over the coming weeks and give away a White Roof Radio Swag Box every week along with featuring your awesome submission right here at!

Make sure to share those submissions to the public so we can see ’em. And make sure to submit! We are looking forward to the awesome that you guys are going to come up with!

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