Clubman S vs. Veloster Turbo

Motor Trend put the latest Hyundai against the MINI Cooper Clubman S. You can imagine how it went.

>On closer inspection, the Mini — having given up 20 hp and nearly as much torque, and running slightly narrower tires along with a higher weight-to-power ratio–doesn’t appear to match its more energetically charged counterpart. And the Veloster Turbo takes 87-octane fuel, where the Cooper S Clubman thirsts for 91 or higher. It’s starting to look like the new boy is about to pull a fast one.

>But the Clubman takes the Veloster to school in the real world. Quicker and more consistent in testing, more adept at communication, and compassionate at the gas pump (30.5 observed mpg to the Hyundai’s 25.2), the Mini skillfully handled mountain roads, city streets, and the highway patrol with authority and expert steering.

If you are shopping by price, the Hyundai can’t be beat. But you already know that you can’t base anything vs. a MINI on price. You base it on everything else.