Drinking Game

Courtesy of listener Shepcat in LA.

Please do not play while motoring!

  • If Todd or db mention what they’re drinking during the podcast, drink once. If you’re drinking the same thing they’re drinking, drink twice.
  • Drink once every time db or Todd uses an acronym that hasn’t first been referenced by its full proper name. (Example: Drink every time one of them says ‘O.B.C.’; stop after one of them finally says ‘onboard computer’)
  • Drink once every time db or Todd acknowledges that they have digressed completely away from the featured topic. Drink twice whenever one of them actually asks, ‘What were we talking about?’
  • Drink once whenever db or Todd mentions any car other than a MINI. Drink twice if their statement somehow implies that said car might conceivably be as cool as a MINI.
  • Drink once every time someone says bonnet or boot.
  • Drink once whenever someone mentions a fully descriptive car exterior color (chili red, pepper white, hyper blue, purple haze, etc.).
  • Drink whenever Todd or db plugs a custom part, accessory or product by its pretentious-sounding brand name.
  • Drink once whenever db mentions Roxy by name.
  • Drink once whenever a graphics reference results in a plug for ToddsMods.com.
  • Drink once when someone speaks about a non-MINI auto enthusiast with a hint of derision in his voice.
  • Drink once when Todd talks about the GP.
  • If Todd says fantastic or db says excellent or Gabe says phenomenal, take a drink.
  • If Gabe mentions 50-50 weight distribution, take a drink
  • Cheers!