From the Archives: Woofcast #389

It’s been a slow week news wise, so I gave everything a chance to catch up last week, which means it’s an Archives show! And can you believe it was a year ago that Gabe took delivery of the MF Countryman, since replaced by the Roadster? Crazy, I know. Regular service shall resume next week!

db, Todd, Gabe and Nathaniel and this week’s White Roof Radio. Starting off talking about news from MotoringFile like we like to do. And quite a bit of news too, which gave us plenty of time to become distracted and talk about other things like the Chevy Cruze diesel.

Then it was Gabe’s turn to talk about the MotoringFile Countryman. Expect regular updates about this MINI for the next year! You should also make sure you are following @MotoringFile on Twitter for updates and photos.

**Woofcast 389**

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