Listener Shout-Out: Carnell


From the Dept. Of Tooting Our Own Horn comes this very fine email from long-time WRR Listener Carnell. We keep telling your that we have listeners that don’t have a MINI. There are some of them that even, finally, come around. Case in point.

>Just wanted to send you guys this note as I hope you’ll find it interesting. I’ve been listening to the show since 2008 I believe and started attending MOTD in 2010 after my dad bought on ’09 MCS.

>Sidenote: My first Dragon you guys recorded from the Dragon and Todd had his GP. We struck up a conversation and he let me have seat in it. One of my favorite MOTD moments.

>Since then I’ve been to the Dragon 4 times (3 MOTD, 1 MSSD), become rather active on various boards and on MF (search the comments for “Versus” and all the while **I didn’t own a MINI**.

>That changed on 5-25 when I became the owner of a 2012 black/Laser Blue MCS.

>Consider this a grand “thank you” for being great ambassadors to the MINI culture. I’ve learned a lot from WRR (check your oil!!) and always find the banter informative and enjoyable.

>Happily Motoring,

>Carnell AKA “Versus” on the boards

Thanks Carnell! Congrats on your baby and welcome to the club!