The Best of WRR #2 – Randy Webb

One of our very first guest under The White Roof was Randy Webb. He gave us some great information during this show that I think you r53 owners will really appreciate. Why the old episodes? We are taking a break.

Since most of you have already heard this by now…

We burned through a few buckets of cuss words making this one happen gang. We think you will be pleased with the results!

Huge thanks for our special guest Randy Webb for coming on with us tonight!

  • Randy schools us on adiabatic expansion
  • New exhaust system should be ver very cool!
  • Randy talks alot
  • Pulley Party © Webb Motorsports
  • Popping exhaust sounds cute
  • Randy tells jokes as bad as Gabes
  • Pulley Parties will still happen with the Turbo after serious testing
  • Aluminum coolant tanks don’t leak
  • New Webb Motorsports Exhaust sounds very very cool!

Todd did the hard part

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