The Hollywood Car Show

A brand new show just started by myself and Fireball Tim is now ready for you to check out and it’s called The Hollywood Car Show!

Tim and I will be getting together weekly to discuss movies, cool movie cars, cool cars on TV or anywhere else we find them. Plus fun things like interviews with cool car people and other wackiness.

We’ve done one episode so far and I think it’s turned out pretty well, which is why I’m already posting it here.

The website for the show is still a few weeks away, but that’s not stopping us! You can check out the first show here for shownotes and the onsite player. You can subscribe using this link in your favorite news reader or Podcatcher or subscribe in iTunes.

Feedback is always appreciated! You can do that here or in the show notes, doesn’t matter.

Thanks for listening!

Watch for the first MTTS update for Chicago coming up later today, as well as lots of coverage as it happens!