Updates and changes

While you are waiting for the AMVIV edition to appear (later tonight!), I’m going to take a moment to let you know what’s being planned for the coming months under the White Roof!

I am working on a way to split the feed up so that audio reviews, Robert’s soundseeing tours, audio/video clips and the club shows each show up on their own separate feed. Of course there will be 1 main feed for those of you that want to get everything we produce. The big one here is making sure that you only receive any episode one time.

I’m working on the next event cast already and have planned some changes for it as well. More like additions, so watch for those. Don’t forget to send those events in to events@whiteroofradio.com.

Finally, don’t forget this Saturday is the last day of the voicemail contest! We are looking for those detailing horror stories you might have. Call those in to (206) 33-WHITE by Saturday. Best story wins a MINI Detailing Kit courtesy of Detailing Concepts.

Of course, the voicemail line is more than just for the contest! It is one of the many ways you can send us feedback!
(206) 33-WHITE
Leave a note in the show notes.

Woof46 is on the way. Watch for it later tonight or tomorrow morning on iTunes!