For those of you that didn’t notice, Whiteroofradio.com suffered a severe crash last night.

I’m in the process of rebuilding everything now and am almost finished. Somethings you might notice…

  • Not all of the shows are back yet. We are working on getting them all uploaded.
  • Woof72 only plays for about 27 minutes. The upload last night got corrupted. I’m uploading a new copy and repost once it’s up. Watch for woof72 – 2
  • Some of the pages are missing. Most noteably the gallery. I will be working to restore those images this week.
  • Your comment has gone into moderation. This one shouldn’t happen, but if it does, it’s nothing to worry about
  • The entire site looks ‘different’. I didn’t have a current back-up of the WRR WordPress theme, so things will be changing throughout the week.

Again, thanks for you patience! Woof 72 will be ready shortly.