In which db & Todd get caught up after more than a month of not making a show. If you want more of the gory details, check out this week’s Black Roof Radio. Once we get passed all of that, we do, of course, talk about MINIs.

Check out this weeks show image; leave it to Todd to make a 4 door MINI look amazing! Of course we talk about the Bubble Car, which sold for $US36K. I’ll be taking bets on whether or not Gabe keeps the Clubman and adds it to his stable of vehicles. We talk about that because it’s a good place to start talking about the new Countryman. And for Todd to rant, briefly, on the CRV.

We talk about the price of gas and this very interesting article at Jalopnik about the actual price of fuel over the years. It is definitely worth the read.

We are due to get Chad back on the show for his Dragon recap, but he did just install a new Dyno (!) at the shop that you should be driving over to right now to get your MINI tuned and dyno’d! I have heard amazing things about the last Southwest MINIfest, well done SCMM! Next up, #MTTS2018! If you are starting from the Pacific Northwest, you know you are going to be starting off with CravenSpeed’s MTTS Kick off party, right? And you are going to be checking out OutMotoring to get stocked up on personal gear and those DIY repairs items before you go too, right? And a visit over to Motoring Stripes to get the “official” MTTS decals and magnets for your MINI, right? Right!

In case you missed it, I have started doing a Podcast with Fireball Tim again. It’s a great show, talking about Hollywood stuff, car stuff, die cast car stuff and some random silliness. You can find it in Apple Podcasts, with 5 episodes done so far. Would be really cool if you guys were to check it out! If you want to check it out without subscribing, you can listen to it here.


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