We woke up and realized that it’s been quite a while since we last made a show. So, let’s get right to it since I’m also terribly late getting this one posted! Kicking things off, a quick reminder is that there is a new episode of Black Roof Radio available to download.

Once we get started, the title of the show pretty much describes what we were seeing at Motoringfile when we recorded. Needless to say, we are talking a lot about electric MINIs this episode. And nerd website stuff. And, Go Motoring (#IYKYK). This is to serve as your reminder that MotoringFile is your best source for MINI news. Gabe is the only one out there, really, that has the inside track. Trust me.

Add in the MINI boobs and some chatGPT and we have ourselves a show!

Finally, don’t forget the OG sponsors of White Roof Radio and Motoringfile: Outmotoring.com, Cravenspeed.com, Motoringstripes.com and Detroit Tuned.