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Edmonds Fitzgerald Anniversary

It was 35 years today that Edmund Fitzgerald sunk. It’s one of Gabe’s favorite holidays and we had a **very** good time with it way back during Woofcast 21. So, I thought it appropriate to post it again for you today. Enjoy!

Normal service to resume next week!

Wow! Y’all get a whole lotta show this week…

And, there is a pre-req for this show if you are so inclined. If you missed Woofcast #3, now would be a good time to review that as well as the track day prep page. Also, to get more info about the upcoming Race Series, listen to Woof18 where Phil Wicks explains a good part of it.

-Watching gas gauges move
Hummers not selling?
NASA, at least this one, does not launch rockets into space.

Phil Wicks Racing Series Classes and allowed mods
Click here for more information

  • Showroom Stock MC and MCS
  • Must have…Roll cage or hoop, fire extinguisher, harness and helmet
    Can do…Air box, cat back exhaust, brake pad/fluid and any suspension mod.

  • MCS Modified
  • Must have…Roll cage or hoop, fire extinguisher, harness and helmet
    Can do…Any brake mod, any engine mod, any suspension mod

  • John Cooper Works Unlimited Modifications
  • Must have…Roll cage or hoop, fire extinguisher, harness and helmet

-You are going to need a Roll bar and an A,B,C fire extinguisher.
-Everyone likes the tires that they like. Same goes for intakes and exhaust.
-You can do some mods. Check out outmotoring.com for the items we discussed.
-Ghost of the Edmund Fitzgerald
-We’re all pretty excited about this series. Running an MC is like having a restrictor plate?
-Anyone draft a MINI before?
Intermidiate track day notes
-Gotta keep it smooth.
-Look ahead
-Both hands on the wheel
-Ride with an instructor
-1 thing at a time

If you haven’t already, now would be a great time for you to check out the WRR Listeners Frappr Map. Pretty cool to see where everyone is.

Next week we’ll have Mark from NAM on to discuss all things message boards and this years calendar.

Woofcast 21:

Todd did the hard part
Subscribe||Download || Sneak into the office ||1:06:20 || 30.4MB

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