signmjo.jpgIt’s that time again gang! A MINI Vacation in Vegas is right around the corner! And, just like we did with MTTS (Part 1 and Part 2), we give you a full break down of what’s going to be happening.

Joining me this episode are the always charming Michael and Patricia Babishkin from You might remember Michael from his previous appearances under the White Roof and Patricia for her ultra snazzy review of the Samsung Blackjack for us back in January.

We cover all of the goings on during AMVIV for you. You can also get a full list of the events plus all of the information we mentioned here over at

If you are looking for Randy to do some work on your MINI, contact him at to see if he has any spots left. I have spoken to Waylen at Way Motor Works and he told me he had some spots still available. Contact him at for more information.

As before, this is short enough to fit on CD. We will have a limited number of these available during AMVIV as well on CD.

Whiteroofradio Eventcast – AMVIV4:

Download | 55:54 | 25.7MB