White Roof Radio – The MINI Cooper Podcast

MINI Cooper Podcasting with db, Todd, Gabe, Chad & Brian

Woofcast #29

We’re back in full force this week. Hour long and on fire!

-db took 6 tries to do the intro wrong. Trust me, it’s Woofcast 29. He makes up with a good rant.
-Don’t smoke the decals!
-Listener feedback, especially message board feedback.
-What we didn’t get for Christmas
-iPod your MINI…again. Check out Woofcast 13. Also don’t forget mp3yourcar.com.
-Don’t get an FM adapter.
-MINI New Years resolutions…what are yours?
-More audio comments from Robert in CA

Long show, short notes. Don’t forget, if you get the chance, you should take the survey or join the frappr. Of course, if you need something to snaz up a window in your MINI, you could always buy a decal or two.

Todd did the hard part
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