Woofcast #448


db, Todd, Gabe and Chad with this weeks news from MotoringFile and Gabe talking about cold weather driving with the top down. He’s the guy on the left. Add more talk about the upcoming factory street legal race car JCW GP and you’ve got yourself a show!

Woofcast 448:

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(2) Comments|Posted in Episodes on December 10, 2012


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  1. DrDiff says:

    Shouldn’t it be Factory STREET car with RACE CAR TIRES?!

    • db says:

      Most STREET cars don’t come with fully adjustable suspension that needs to be dialed in before the customer takes delivery. Most also don’t come with the rear seats deleted. Most don’t come with tires that you really can’t use in the rain.

      So, going to stick with factory street legal racecar for now. :D

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