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Woofcast #63

We spend almost an hour asking Randy questions and can you believe he answered them?

Questions answered:

Gabe asks…
Which is better; Schroth harness or G-Lock seat belt tensioner?
Any benefit to upgrading to an aftermarket seat?
Brings up why a 15% pulley is more reliable than a 19%.

Todd asks…
What kind of numbers will he pull on the dyno?

db asks…
What will the required safety equipment for racing cost?
What beer is in the ‘fridge in the shop?

Randy, as always, answers our questions, even after spending all day driving to Chicago! And, as always, he gives us the best answers to our questions and puts up with our shenanigans! But, for a change, no dictionary was needed this time around 😉

Don’t forget to go over to this NAM thread to help Randy keep racing!

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Thanks for waiting for the zip file and full show notes. If you want to hear even more of Randy, you can check out Woof32, Woof33 and Woof9.

Todd did the hard part

Woofcst #63:

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