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For a while now, Todd and I have been looking for a place where we could post our thoughts and or opinions about things we see or read at Motoringfile, other blogs or message boards. Stuff that might not be _entirely_ appropriate for MF or even dbmini (even though I have used dbmini for that purpose).

So, I have created a new section here at WRR called OP/ED for those things.

It should be interesting to see what we do with it. Stay subscribed in your news readers too. I’ve changed the feed a bit to make sure all posts come through, but shortly I will, as I have mentioned in the past, set up a feed for the show and 1 for everything else.

5 replies on “A new section”

  1. Pretty sure I give you guys some things to OPED on already with my stance on the current state of affairs at Mini and their developments. Love the Mini brand and community just find myself at odds with it at times.

  2. Interesting.
    I debated over my couple of recent iPhone posts – though they’ve generated more discussion than most posts on GBMINI!

    Apart from re-posting press releases and quotes of reviews, we MINI owners are settling down now, we’ve done all the mods and there’s less to post about – maybe you both have the same thoughts and came to this op/ed solution …

  3. This is something that we have been talking about for a few months.

    iPhones are quite amazing devices, both to use and talk about it. I get the same affect when I post about them (usually negatively 😉 ) at my ‘other’ blog.

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