Canadian ‘Rallye’ MINI

The Canadian ‘Special Edition’ MINIs are arriving. The ‘Rallye’ version is an S with Sport and Premium packages. The ‘Competition’ version is an S with those packages, factory JCW and Aero Kit. And we were told there would be no more factory JCWs in Canada. Surprise, surprise, eh?

Oh, the wheels on the Rallye are, as Gabe told us, FLAME SPOKES (sometimes affectionately called The Horeshoe Wheels).

Nice badge on the door pillar. And nice shot of me in the reflection. And nice shot of Howard and Bart, the sales guy, waving to all the nice WRR listeners


RallyeBadge.jpg RBadge.jpg

15 replies on “Canadian ‘Rallye’ MINI”

  1. Nope – not in Canada. The GP front bumper didn’t pass our stringent Canadian-only safety requirements. The GP bumper is apparently OK everywhere else, but not in Canada.

    Go figure.


  2. OMG – Howard has a fan base!!

    And Howard, I’ve written to the ‘Canadian Rubber Meets The Road Agency’ (CRMTRA), the folks in charge of the Most Arduous Bumper Car Regs (MABCR) on the planet.

    They appear to be quite adamant in their position, and I quote:

    “We don’t need no stinkin’ GPs in Canada, eh?”


  3. Robert, as for their adamant position, obviously you haven’t made your position clear enough.

  4. A bumper, Robert,if you don’t know, is the thing on the front and back of the car…it is used to move farm animals out of the way…

  5. Yes, I know what a ‘bumper’ is. I’m trying to find the new ‘bumber’ part on the MINI web site, but I can’t.

    Oh, there it is: The ‘bumber’ is the last part of a MINI to go around a corner.


  6. Uh oh – today I saw a Plymouth Voyager mini van, with the name ‘Rallye’ in factory decals on the front doors. This is not a good thing. A MINI Rallye and a Plymouth Rallye.

    I think I need to get on the horn to MINI Canada and advise them that the comparisons may well start now!

    Hey, Plymouth – how ’bout a little motocross? Your Rallye against our Rallye?


  7. That’s right. Except the van would then be the freakin’ 4th car in our family, behind the MINI, Mustang and Mazda.

    Life’s good in Canada, eh??????


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