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Looking for Woofcast #258, right? Yea, well, here’s the thing. It’s truly a wonder we were able to get #257 done due to all manner of fire hoop jumping and alligator wrestling Todd and I had to go through last week.

It’s not like we didn’t try. Ok, we really didn’t. Ended up with about 5 or 6 minutes of something, maybe. So, instead of that dribble, I would like to take a moment and suggest a trip through the archives.

Let’s go back 1 year shall we? Woofcast #168 sure was fun, let’s have a look!

>Who knew that Gabe could snap like Bozo the Clown? Once that was discovered, Gabe chatted a bit about the upcoming 1 Series (who knew it would be so heavy?) Then we spent some time talking about Porches (who knew the 914 was so small?) which then turned us a little bit toward Volkswagon (who knew the Thing was so cool?).

>Then, a bit of listener feedback. Voicemails from MINI United (who knew db could not really remember the girls in the windows?) and 1 from Ian about automatic transmissions (who knew we could still be talking about this?).

>We finish talking about the Clubman and would be very interested in your opinion! Leave a comment below Clubman MC vs. Clubman MCS (we already know that we won’t get the diesel Clubman in the States).

Everything should be back to normal next week. Enjoy!

Woofcast #168:

Download | 31:36 | 29.2MB | WRR @ iTunes

3 replies on “From the Archives”

  1. So you fill our void with BMW talk? I respect BMW for what they have done with the MINI and the heritage and all, but frankly, BMWs are too big, expensive, and just different than MINIs are and I’m kind of tired of hearing about them on the MINI podcasts. That’s just my opinion. I know Gabe has moved on from MINI and has BMW in his blood, but let’s leave that for those who like to read Bimmerfile and stay with MINI for these broadcasts.

    I can afford to drive a BMW, but I chose not to. I enjoy MINIs because they are small, spry, and relatively sparse and quirky. I’m more interested in Lotus cars than BMWs, honestly, as they share more with the MINI than any BMW does philisophically.

    Sorry for the downer comment, I’m just getting tired of this becoming a BMW podcast. I don’t mind discussion about other cars in general, but it tends to always come back to BMW. I know why, I just lose interest when it happens.

  2. That wasn’t the intention when I choose this show to repost. We honestly didn’t have anything.

    No need to be sorry. We appreciate the feedback!

    Thank you!

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