Number 7 6? Wow! I’d like to take this time to thank the academy for recognizing our efforts and especially thank you, the WRR listeners for downloading, voting on Podcast Alley and leaving comments for others that happen across our show! You are the greatest.

Done? I’m pretty sure we all agreed that the top spot would be best, no? Keep it up gang! We’ve got tons of bandwidth left.

4 replies on “HOLY CRAP!”

  1. I just left a comment on podcast alley and itunes and finally subscribed, so this is probably thanks soley to my actions. Any times guys…

  2. Hey guys, love the program. Eagerly awaiting the Exhaustive Exhaust program and the “best tires” program.

    I am seriously trying to find one sound clip of a dinan exhuast on an MCS. Can you help?


    virginia beach VA

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