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Dear valued White Roof Radio listener,

It would appear that we, as a group, have not being diligent enough in keeping an eye on the vital fluids that our MINIs require to be happy and healthy. Proof above from Eric Hall, MINI Service Manager for MINI of Ontario. As a reminder, here is a handy how-to video that should help you out.

You R56 owners can find the Yellow Loopy Thing, sans loop, on the passenger side, under the bonnet. It is still yellow and the procedure is still the same.

Next time you are spending time with other MINI Cooper owners, help spread the word. Before beginning the rally or sitting down for the meeting, gather everyone in the parking lot for an oil checking party! Fun for the whole family!

We at White Roof Radio truly care about **your** MINI and want you and your MINI to have many miles of happy, healthy motoring. So please, take a minute or 3 this week while you are getting fuel to pop the bonnet and check your oil. If you are low, head over to your nearest MINI dealer and the nice person at the parts desk will happily sell you a quart or two. No MINI dealer nearby, then punch up Detoit Tuned and Chad will get you sorted our in short order.

As usual, thank you for your time,


The boys at White Roof Radio

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  1. Nice video, but I think (and I’ve witnessed) that some people may not know how to open the bonnet. video suggestion: What’s a bonnet and how to open it?

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