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Todd, being the rockstar that he is, had a bit of a contest yesterday at MINIs in the Mountains.

>Jim Peterson’s trailer is parked next to our booth space and it doubles as a signal to passing planes (read – it reflects the sun like nobody’s business.) Anyway, I announced the first person to be photographed shirtless, tanning themselves in the reflections of said teardrop mini trailer would get a free Motoring Badge. **Our man C.r. Fitch IV, big WRR fan, jumped to the challenge immediately.**


Good times right there!

From what I can tell, looks like everyone is having a great time! If you are one of them, give the WRR voicemail line a ring to tell us all about it!

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  1. Something more to add to the multi-tasking list for the Trailer.
    Bar (check)
    Sleeper (check)
    Entertainment center (check)
    Mobile tanning station (check)

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