MTTS Chicago Update

MTTSI caught Todd on his way to Chicago earlier today and we spent about 5 minutes talking about what to expect at MTTS Chicago, especially with the JCW MINI.

Be sure to stick around all weekend for updates from Chicago and Road America! Maybe even an interview or three.

And, if you have missed any of our past coverage of MTTS, you can find it all here. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for another LA update this weekend or early next week!

Download | 4:41 | 2.2MBmb

4 replies on “MTTS Chicago Update”

  1. Seriously, a Cooper Cabrio CVT made it all the way from KC to Chicago behind a GP? Wow. Who knew a car with 3 strikes against it could travel at highway speeds?!?

    Thanks for letting us tag along. It was a good time.

  2. I was able to thrash a JCW Clubman S and a JCW Cooper S at MTTS Chicago and I heard the “snap and popping” from the exhaust quite clearly, and I LOVE it. I may have to upgrade to the JCW just for the sound! Oh yea, they both drove great.

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