MTTS Update: Your Questions Answered

MTTSWe gave you the chance to ask some questions, and Gina Koutros took almost 20 minutes with us earlier today to answer them.

Besides the questions, we also get some more information about the way the events were planned, hows and whys and all that.

There will be more updates coming a little later this week or early next. You can get updates automatically via email or subscribe via RSS. Of course, we will be posting those updates at as well.

And, finally, don’t forget to register if you plan on going! If you want the goodie bag, you are going to have to register!

And, keep up with WRR, MF and for all of our coverage. Audio, video, photos and blog posts. So, if for whatever reason you can’t make it, we’ll have you covered!

Interview with Gina 3:

Download | 17:48 | 8.3MB

6 replies on “MTTS Update: Your Questions Answered”

  1. WELL CRAP! No goodie bag for me! I’ll be in Chicago for the Meet and Greet party, but won’t be able to make it to Milwaukee. 🙁

    Oh well. At least my $20 is going to a good cause and I’ll get to meet a bunch of cool folks that evening. 🙂

  2. sweet! DickDavid is going to be in Chicago? The badge king himself? Awesome! 😉

    And yes, it will go to a good cause. Besides, maybe Todd or I will try to remember to snag an extra bag for ya.

  3. Yeah, I hope to see you guys up there and maybe shake your hand.

    Thanks for the offer on the goodie bag, but I know you guys will be crazy busy.

    If you do find yourself with an extra at the end of the trip, after the smoke has settled and the hangover is gone, I’d gladly pay for you to ship one to me.

  4. Still not sure how they will handle the tolls and construction going from Chicago to Road America.

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