Problem with the feed

Well, not so much a problem as it is me forgetting to set the correct show file.

If you got Woofcast #220 instead of #235, in iTunes, delete what you have for #235 and update the podcast. That should get you going again.

Sorry for the mixup.


The feed is updated with the correct file and I have pinged iTunes, but it would appear that it is still downloading 220. Your patience is appreciated while this is getting sorted out and again, sorry for the mixup.

4 replies on “Problem with the feed”

  1. DB,

    I noticed in the 220 Podcast that your voice is softer than the others. I heard this in a couple of other shows about two weeks ago as well. I forgot to write down the numbers of the other shows so I can’t give you specific numbers to check on other than 220. I wonder if anyone else has mentione this…


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